About us

"TURON TOURISM" is dedicated equally to providing the best quality service to individual and group travelers for both leisure and business purposes. Our company seeks to differentiate itself as the premier adventure travel company in Uzbekistan.

The company specializes in both outbound and inbound tourism and provides full service to individuals and groups from Uzbekistan to Europe, Japan, the Americas, Asia, Turkey, the Middle East, and Russia.

For the past three years, "TURON TOURISM" has been performing charter flights to Moscow, New York City, and Phuket on the fleets of "Uzbekistan Airways" and "Utah Airways". Our company has become the first charter holder company in the Kingdom of Thailand by organizing direct charter flights to Thailand from Uzbekistan. 

TURON TOURISM staff will help you choose a comfortable service, decide on a convenient air flight, as well as suggest where it is best to relax and which hotel is the most pleasant to stay in.

We offer a wide range of services: from issuing a visa to compiling an individual or group tour, providing booking of tickets, hotels, transfers and organizing excursions and entertainment programs. Our main goal is to make high-quality recreation affordable for all categories of the population of Uzbekistan and so that our customers are always satisfied.